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Auto Insurance Settlement: How to Negotiate with an Insurance Company

Some accident claims are straightforward, because it is clear that one party was at fault and the other deserves compensation. But other auto insurance settlements are not easy, especially in cases where it is hard to […] »»»

Sports Car Insurance: What Kind Of Coverage Should You Get?

A sports car is usually priced higher than a regular model, which means that it also costs more money to replace this type of car. Insurance companies do not like carrying that extra cost in the […] »»»

Classic Car Insurance: What Makes It Different from a Normal Insurance

While regular auto insurance applies to everyday vehicles, classic car insurance is reserved for vintage vehicles that you will only drive once in a while. There are certain qualifications that the driver and vehicle must meet […] »»»

Commercial Auto Insurance: What Is It? When Does Your Company Need One?

It is a misconception that commercial auto insurance is only required for vehicles owned by a business. In fact, when employees use their personal cars for business reasons, they are legally required to have a business […] »»»

Liability Auto Insurance: What Does Your Policy Include Exactly?

When it comes to liability auto insurance, most car owners do not have a choice about whether they can get this type of coverage. Most states in American make it mandatory for individuals to have at […] »»»

Wedding Auto Insurance: 5 Advantages of Getting Insurance as a Married Couple

In terms of auto insurance, being married provides couples with a number of discounts. Sometimes couples will decide to get a joint policy that covers all of their vehicles. But it may make more sense to […] »»»

Affordable Life Insurance: Where To Look For The Best Deals

By finding an affordable life insurance plan, you give your family the best chance of being financially secure when you pass away. Not only will you leave your family with a nice nest egg after your […] »»»