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Joint Life Insurance Problems: 5 Possible Issues That May Arise

While there are some advantages to joint life insurance, it is often riddled with problems for couples down the road. Joint term life insurance sounds like a great idea, but couples who no longer get along will have problems with their policy. If a couple separates or gets divorced, it is complicated to figure out […]

Personal Injury Protection: An Extension for Your Car Insurance

Personal injury protection, or PIP, refers to a part of many auto insurance policies that protects the driver and other passengers in the vehicle involved in an accident. This policy covers medical expenses and/or lost wages that result from a car accident. The great thing about personal injury protection is that there is no need […]

Auto Insurance Premium: 5 Surprising Factors That Affect Your Premium

When looking at the auto insurance premium in an insurance quote, customers may begin to wonder why they are being quoted certain prices. The truth is that insurance companies have a system in place that allows them to set certain premium rates. Insurance companies want to make a profit, which means they factor in the […]

Best Life Insurance Policy: How To Find The Best Policy

While having some type of life insurance is better than not having any policy, finding the best life insurance policy is ideal. In order to find the best life insurance policy, you must look at why you want the policy. A lot of people get confused about the difference between term life and whole life […]

Avoid These Auto Insurance Pitfalls By Comparing Plans

There are many auto insurance pitfalls to avoid, especially for first-time shoppers who do not have experience with negotiating for a policy. Insurance companies are happy to sell any of their policies, but it is up to the buyer to protect their interests. A lot of first-time insurance buyers make the mistake of going with […]

Auto Insurance Agent: How To Find The Right Agent For You

If you are looking for a cheap auto insurance policy, you will want to take steps to ensure you are paying less for good coverage. One way to ensure you have a good policy is to find the right auto insurance agent. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to find an auto insurance agent […]

Exotic Car Insurance: The 5 Keys to Get Proper Coverage for Your Vehicle

Getting an exotic or luxury car is a lot of fun. However, the costs of these vehicles do not stop at the cars themselves. A lot of buyers ignore the additional cost of having to get exotic auto insurance for the vehicle. When compared to regular car insurance, exotic car insurance often comes with higher […]

Auto Insurance 101: Basics of Auto Insurance Explained

Whenever someone buys a car, it is inevitable that they have to think about getting auto insurance for their vehicle. In most states, it is a legal requirement to have some form of auto insurance in order to keep driving the vehicle you own. It is important for potential car owners to understand the basics […]

Group Life Insurance: An Explanation About the Different Types

Group life insurance is a term used to describe the arrangement when one contract covers a number of people in terms of life insurance. One party will purchase a contract for life insurance, but this coverage can extend to anywhere from half a dozen to hundreds of people. Most group life insurance is purchased by […]

Temporary Auto Insurance: Why and When Is It a Good Idea?

For anyone who is thinking about using a car for a brief period of time, temporary auto insurance is a very useful option. This type of temporary insurance can exist for a single day or six months, depending on the user’s specific needs. These temporary insurance plans provide a minimum level of coverage where liabilities […]