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Auto Insurance Cost: 5 Factors That Influence This Cost

How do companies decide your auto insurance cost? They take into account a variety of factors, such as the individual’s credit history, age, gender, driving history, payment frequency and other risk factors. By controlling some of these […] »»»

Auto Insurance Pitfalls: Avoid These By Comparing Plans

A lot of first-time insurance buyers make the mistake of going with the first policy they see, without assessing their options. Another common mistake while looking at auto insurance rates is to select the cheapest policy, […] »»»

Cancer Survivor Life Insurance: Can You Still Get Covered?

Life insurance policies are different for individuals who have cancer or were diagnosed with cancer in the past. But it is possible to get life insurance with cancer, especially if you are in remission. Insurance for cancer […] »»»

Stolen Items Auto Insurance: Are You Covered for Theft?

A lot of people are confused about stolen items auto insurance and how it works. A significant portion of insurance policies offered in the United States DO NOT offer any protection for items that are stolen […] »»»

Comprehensive Auto Insurance: What Are The Real Benefits?

Comprehensive auto insurance is a great way for individuals to get protection for damage to their vehicle in certain situations. However, comprehensive auto insurance is not mandatory in any American state, which means that some policyholders […] »»»

Life Insurance Premium: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Payments

Insurance companies will base their premiums on the risk factors associated with providing the policy to an individual. If the individual is a bigger risk, they will receive a higher premium offer. In contrast, lower risk […] »»»

No Load Life Insurance: Can It Help You Save Money?

The absence of agents results in the absence of agent commissions, which lowers the cost of each policy for the insurance provider. As the insurance provider has lower costs per policy, they are able to offer […] »»»