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Single Premium Life Insurance: A Quick Explanation

With a single premium life insurance policy, you are guaranteed to receive the death benefit for the rest of your life. This is the case despite single premium life insurance not having any extra premiums after […] »»»

Auto Insurance Liability Limits: How Are They Determined?

Before getting a cheap auto insurance policy, customers must confirm with the company that this policy includes the minimum required levels of liability coverage. The legal requirements determine how much liability coverage is included in certain […] »»»

Auto Insurance Card: 5 Reasons to Always Keep It with You

This auto insurance card is the easiest way to prove that you have a qualifying insurance policy. If you are ever caught on the road by police, or you get involved in a car accident, your […] »»»

Roadside Assistance Insurance: Get Help When You Need It

With roadside assistance insurance, a driver can travel anywhere safe in the knowledge that they can contact their insurance company if something goes wrong with their vehicle. These services help with flat tire replacement, car lockouts […] »»»

Auto Insurance Pitfalls: Avoid These By Comparing Plans

A lot of first-time insurance buyers make the mistake of going with the first policy they see, without assessing their options. Another common mistake while looking at auto insurance rates is to select the cheapest policy, […] »»»

Personal Injury Protection: An Extension for Your Car Insurance

The great thing about personal injury protection is that there is no need to determine who was at fault for an auto insurance accident. The very basis of PIP is that the “fault” is deemed irrelevant. Whether […] »»»

Full Coverage Auto Insurance: Who Is It Really Made For?

When someone is trying to purchase auto insurance, they probably see so many advertisements talking about the best cheap full coverage insurance policy. It is important to read the fine print to ensure that both […] »»»