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Senior Auto Insurance: What Coverage Should You Get for Your Car?

There are many positives and negatives to getting a senior auto insurance policy. Many seniors get good rates on their auto insurance policies, because they have demonstrated their ability as a safe driver over a period of many decades. However, seniors are also part of a group that statistically causes more car accidents than those […]

Auto Insurance Claims: How to Prepare Your Claims Properly

Even if someone has a very good auto insurance policy, it is meaningless if they do not file their claims properly. The “after car accident process” is hugely important in determining the amount of money an insured individual will receive. Companies will not make it easy to make car insurance claims, which is why car […]

Convicted Felon Auto Insurance: Are There Any Special Requirements?

Everyone who owns a vehicle and drives on the road requires some form of auto insurance in the United States. This is tricky for someone who is just out of jail, because getting convicted felon auto insurance is not always easy. Even if you have served time for a few years, you will need to […]

A Quick Explanation Of Single Premium Life Insurance

While most of the life insurance options people receive have rolling premiums you must pay on a monthly basis, it is possible to pay the entire policy in one up-front payment. This type of system refers to single premium life insurance. With a single premium life insurance policy, you are guaranteed to receive the death […]

Auto Insurance Lawsuit: Should You Settle or Sue in Court?

While no one thinks they will end up in such a situation, there are cases where an auto insurance lawsuit becomes inevitable. Auto insurance lawsuits occur when the insurance company refuses to provide a certain level of compensation after an accident. There are many reasons why an auto insurance lawsuit may occur. For example, the […]

Life Insurance Plan: What Is Included in Life Insurance?

Life insurance is something that is known by most, but often misunderstood by many people as well. A typical life insurance policy will include a substantial lump-sum benefit for the policyholder’s beneficiaries when they pass away. The purpose of life insurance is to provide policyholders with the chance to leave a substantial nest egg for […]

Group Life Insurance: An Explanation About the Different Types

Group life insurance is a term used to describe the arrangement when one contract covers a number of people in terms of life insurance. One party will purchase a contract for life insurance, but this coverage can extend to anywhere from half a dozen to hundreds of people. Most group life insurance is purchased by […]

Teenage Car Insurance: Pros and Cons of Having a Separate Policy

Getting teenage car insurance is a rite of passage for anyone who reaches the legal age where you can drive in your state. However, teenagers must be wary of the fact that insurance companies will often quote them higher prices. The best way to save money on teenage auto insurance is to combine a teenager’s […]

Full Coverage Auto Insurance: Who Is It Really Made For?

What is full coverage auto insurance? The phrase itself is a little misleading, because there is no such thing as “full coverage” in auto insurance. Typically, these are auto insurance policies that offer both comprehensive and collision coverage. When someone is trying to purchase auto insurance, they probably see so many advertisements talking about the […]

5 Factors That Influence Auto Insurance Cost

Everyone wants to save money on their auto insurance. But not everyone knows how to get cheap auto insurance. The best way to get a cheap policy is to know about the factors that influence how insurance companies determine auto insurance costs. How do companies decide your auto insurance cost? They take into account a […]