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Single Premium Life Insurance: A Quick Explanation

With a single premium life insurance policy, you are guaranteed to receive the death benefit for the rest of your life. This is the case despite single premium life insurance not having any extra premiums after […] »»»

Life Insurance Plan: What Is Included in Life Insurance?

The purpose of life insurance is to provide policyholders with the chance to leave a substantial nest egg for their loved ones when they pass. Both whole life and term life insurance policies are maintained and […] »»»

Life Insurance Concealment: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Hide

Concealment of a material fact by a policyholder is something that can cause the insurance company to terminate a policy. What is fraudulent concealment? Any time you are failing to disclose accurate information about the questions […] »»»

Life Insurance Gap: 5 Ways to Efficiently Close the Gap

A life insurance gap means that there is a period of time where you do not have adequate life insurance. There are a variety of reasons why a gap could emerge, such as losing your job, […] »»»

Group Life Insurance: An Explanation About the Different Types

Most group life insurance is purchased by businesses and organizations looking to provide insurance to their employees. Group life insurance is not only a great way for businesses to give their employees benefits, but it also […] »»»

Adjustable Life Insurance: Understanding This Type Of Policy

But not everyone is aware of the differences among these policies, which leads to confusion when making buying decisions. The best way to get the life insurance policy you want is to take the time to […] »»»

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