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SR-22 Insurance Document: When Do You Need It Exactly?

Many people get confused about the SR-22 insurance document and what it means. The truth is that this is an insurance document that is required for individuals who have been convicted of a DUI or DWI in the recent past. The reason the SR-22 insurance document exists is because the individuals who get convicted of […]

Rental Car Insurance: What Does It Cover Exactly?

Despite being a relatively simple concept, a lot of people get confused when it comes to rental car insurance. This is because many travelers do not know if they already have rental car insurance coverage, or if they need to buy insurance. The consequences for not having adequate rental car insurance are serious, because you […]

Cheap Student Auto Insurance: How to Save as Much Money as Possible?

Cheap student auto insurance is a great way for students to obtain coverage for their cars. While the cheapest student insurance is not usually the most comprehensive, it does represent a way for individuals on a budget to obtain legally required coverage. Students who compare auto insurance are usually willing to sacrifice full coverage levels […]

5 Reasons To Consider Child Life Insurance

Child life insurance may seem counterproductive, because it is usually parents who get insurance to provide benefits for their children. But child life insurance is useful for parents as a means of protecting them if their child happens to pass away. Losing a child is devastating, but having to go back to work within a […]

What Is Commercial Auto Insurance? When Do You Need It?

Commercial auto insurance is an insurance policy that only covers business vehicles. Any vehicle that is driven for the purposes of a business, whether it is owned by the business or its employees, must have an attached commercial auto insurance policy. It is a misconception that commercial auto insurance is only required for vehicles owned […]

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Term Life Insurance

There are so many different types of life insurance available, which can confuse customers about what is best for them. One of these policies is term life insurance, which often appears enticing to people who first hear about life insurance. But it is important to remember that there are both pros and cons to term […]

Is Universal Life Insurance Like Permanent Life Insurance?

For those individuals who are looking for a type of permanent life insurance, there are two major options available on the market right now. Permanent life insurance is available in the form of whole life insurance or universal life insurance. While most of us know about whole life insurance, not too many people are aware […]

Auto Insurance Liability Limits: How Are They Determined?

Auto insurance liability limits are an important part of any policy, no matter what price the customer is paying. In most states, even cheap auto insurance policies must have some form of liability coverage, which ensures drivers can take their cars on the road. Before getting a cheap auto insurance policy, customers must confirm with […]

Commercial Auto Insurance Policy Options: Which One Should You Consider?

Commercial auto insurance is an important form of protection for business vehicles. Even regular cars driven for business must have this form of auto insurance. If a vehicle is driven for any business purposes, it is not covered by a personal auto insurance policy. With commercial auto insurance, businesses and individuals who drive their vehicle […]

Cheap Auto Insurance Companies: How to Find Companies with the Best Deals?

Getting a cheap auto insurance quote is a lot more complex than it seems. The cheapest auto insurance is not always the best, because there are certain policies that have very low price tags but do not provide very good levels of coverage. When looking at cheap auto insurance companies, potential customers must balance the […]