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Auto Insurance Claims: How to Prepare Your Claims Properly

Even if someone has a very good auto insurance policy, it is meaningless if they do not file their claims properly. The “after car accident process” is hugely important in determining the amount of money an insured individual will receive. Companies will not make it easy to make car insurance claims, which is why car […]

Divorce Auto Insurance: 5 Things to Pay Attention to When Getting a Divorce

While there are many discounts available for couples who get married, these discounts do not carry over to your policies when you get a divorce. The process involved in divorce auto insurance really depends on how your policies were structured during the marriage. Couples who maintained separate policies during the marriage are not impacted too […]

Auto Insurance Liability Limits: How Are They Determined?

Auto insurance liability limits are an important part of any policy, no matter what price the customer is paying. In most states, even cheap auto insurance policies must have some form of liability coverage, which ensures drivers can take their cars on the road. Before getting a cheap auto insurance policy, customers must confirm with […]

Auto Insurance 101: Basics of Auto Insurance Explained

Whenever someone buys a car, it is inevitable that they have to think about getting auto insurance for their vehicle. In most states, it is a legal requirement to have some form of auto insurance in order to keep driving the vehicle you own. It is important for potential car owners to understand the basics […]

Convicted Felon Auto Insurance: Are There Any Special Requirements?

Everyone who owns a vehicle and drives on the road requires some form of auto insurance in the United States. This is tricky for someone who is just out of jail, because getting convicted felon auto insurance is not always easy. Even if you have served time for a few years, you will need to […]

Auto Insurance Hidden Costs: What Your Insurance Company Is Not Telling You

There are many auto insurance hidden costs that people do not realize when they agree to a policy. Sometimes these hidden costs are only noticed later because the buyer did not pay attention when getting the policy. It is very important to talk with an insurance company about the fine print when it comes to […]

Auto Insurance Rate: How to Finally Get the Best Price Available

Getting the best auto insurance rate does not involve any special steps or tricks. The only way to get a great auto insurance rate is by shopping around, comparing quotes side by side and knowing how much coverage you want. If you are completely aware of all the different facets that make up an auto […]

Auto Insurance Quotes: 5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Agent

A lot of people make the mistake of taking auto insurance quotes at face value. Instead of looking deeper at what the insurance quotes mean in terms of the coverage offered, they simply select the policy that has the cheapest monthly premiums. While everyone wants to get a cheap car insurance policy with low premiums, […]

Basic Full Coverage Auto Insurance: What Are the Pros and Cons

Whenever someone is looking for cheap auto insurance, they often run into people or online sources who mention full coverage auto insurance as an option. The words “full coverage auto insurance”, however, are sometimes misleading because there is no such thing as complete coverage. In simple terms, full coverage auto insurance applies to any policy […]

Auto Insurance Misconceptions: 5 Things People Wrongly Believe

Auto insurance is something that every driver in the United States must get at some point in their lives. However, there are still a lot of auto insurance misconceptions, which lead to people making incorrect decision regarding their auto insurance. Popular misconceptions about auto insurance are detrimental because they lead people to make a bad […]