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SR-22 Insurance Document: When Do You Need It Exactly?

Many people get confused about the SR-22 insurance document and what it means. The truth is that this is an insurance document that is required for individuals who have been convicted of a DUI or DWI in the recent past. The reason the SR-22 insurance document exists is because the individuals who get convicted of […]

Full Coverage Auto Insurance: Who Is It Really Made For?

What is full coverage auto insurance? The phrase itself is a little misleading, because there is no such thing as “full coverage” in auto insurance. Typically, these are auto insurance policies that offer both comprehensive and collision coverage. When someone is trying to purchase auto insurance, they probably see so many advertisements talking about the […]

Personal Injury Protection: An Extension for Your Car Insurance

Personal injury protection, or PIP, refers to a part of many auto insurance policies that protects the driver and other passengers in the vehicle involved in an accident. This policy covers medical expenses and/or lost wages that result from a car accident. The great thing about personal injury protection is that there is no need […]

Wedding Auto Insurance: 5 Advantages of Getting Insurance as a Married Couple

Getting married often comes with many financial advantages, and auto insurance is no exception to this rule. Wedding auto insurance is something that every married couple should consider, because it can save them a lot of money. In terms of auto insurance, being married provides couples with a number of discounts. Sometimes couples will decide […]

Auto Insurance Bill: 5 Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Payments

Auto insurance is something that every car owner must deal with at some point. In truth, we all want to save on our auto insurance bill. There are ways to ensure that you are paying less money every month for a good auto insurance policy. The best way to pay less for auto insurance is […]

Auto Insurance Deductible: How Is This Amount of Money Determined

Whenever you are getting a new auto insurance policy, it is important to look at the fine print. It is important to understand the levels of comprehensive, collision and liability coverage you are getting, along with the policy’s deductible. The deductible in an auto insurance policy is the amount of money you will have to […]

Temporary Auto Insurance: Why and When Is It a Good Idea?

For anyone who is thinking about using a car for a brief period of time, temporary auto insurance is a very useful option. This type of temporary insurance can exist for a single day or six months, depending on the user’s specific needs. These temporary insurance plans provide a minimum level of coverage where liabilities […]

Cheap Auto Insurance Companies: How to Find Companies with the Best Deals?

Getting a cheap auto insurance quote is a lot more complex than it seems. The cheapest auto insurance is not always the best, because there are certain policies that have very low price tags but do not provide very good levels of coverage. When looking at cheap auto insurance companies, potential customers must balance the […]

Auto Insurance Agent: How To Find The Right Agent For You

If you are looking for a cheap auto insurance policy, you will want to take steps to ensure you are paying less for good coverage. One way to ensure you have a good policy is to find the right auto insurance agent. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to find an auto insurance agent […]

Auto Insurance Misconceptions: 5 Things People Wrongly Believe

Auto insurance is something that every driver in the United States must get at some point in their lives. However, there are still a lot of auto insurance misconceptions, which lead to people making incorrect decision regarding their auto insurance. Popular misconceptions about auto insurance are detrimental because they lead people to make a bad […]