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Vintage Car Insurance: 5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Insurance

Vintage car insurance is necessary for anyone who has a classic car, sports car or a vintage vehicle that they want to protect from damage. However, vintage car insurance is often more expensive than regular auto insurance, because of the associated costs. Repairing vintage cars and sports cars is a lot more expensive when compared […]

Cheap Auto Insurance Companies: How to Find Companies with the Best Deals?

Getting a cheap auto insurance quote is a lot more complex than it seems. The cheapest auto insurance is not always the best, because there are certain policies that have very low price tags but do not provide very good levels of coverage. When looking at cheap auto insurance companies, potential customers must balance the […]

SR-22 Insurance Document: When Do You Need It Exactly?

Many people get confused about the SR-22 insurance document and what it means. The truth is that this is an insurance document that is required for individuals who have been convicted of a DUI or DWI in the recent past. The reason the SR-22 insurance document exists is because the individuals who get convicted of […]

Cheapest Budget Auto Insurance: Budget or Mainstream Insurance Companies?

Getting the cheapest budget auto insurance deal is never easy, especially for those who want a thorough car insurance policy. Cheap car insurance policies are available, but they often come at the expense of some important policy protections. By looking for the cheapest auto insurance, customers sometimes have to sacrifice one or two features in […]

Auto Insurance Alternative Dispute Resolution: Should You Agree to Mediation

Dealing with an auto insurance dispute is never easy, especially when the insurance company offers a vastly different compensation amount to your figures. In these cases, it is a good idea to look into auto insurance alternative dispute resolution possibilities. There is always the option of going to trial, but sometimes it makes more sense […]

Luxury Car Insurance: What Are the Real Needs for Luxury Car Owners

For individuals who own luxury or vintage vehicles, luxury car insurance is a more practical solution than a regular auto insurance policy. This is because luxury car insurance takes into account the fact that these vehicles often increase in value over time. With a regular car, the owner can expect its value to decrease on […]

Exotic Car Insurance: The 5 Keys to Get Proper Coverage for Your Vehicle

Getting an exotic or luxury car is a lot of fun. However, the costs of these vehicles do not stop at the cars themselves. A lot of buyers ignore the additional cost of having to get exotic auto insurance for the vehicle. When compared to regular car insurance, exotic car insurance often comes with higher […]

Commercial Auto Insurance Policy Options: Which One Should You Consider?

Commercial auto insurance is an important form of protection for business vehicles. Even regular cars driven for business must have this form of auto insurance. If a vehicle is driven for any business purposes, it is not covered by a personal auto insurance policy. With commercial auto insurance, businesses and individuals who drive their vehicle […]

Rental Car Insurance: What Does It Cover Exactly?

Despite being a relatively simple concept, a lot of people get confused when it comes to rental car insurance. This is because many travelers do not know if they already have rental car insurance coverage, or if they need to buy insurance. The consequences for not having adequate rental car insurance are serious, because you […]

Auto Insurance Settlement: How to Negotiate with an Insurance Company

Even if you have the best auto insurance policy in the world, it is no good if you cannot get the right auto insurance settlement. The most important moment relating to auto insurance is the time when you contact the provider to request compensation. Some accident claims are straightforward, because it is clear that one […]