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How To Buy Cheap Car Insurance? (Quick Guide for Big Savings)

Getting cheap car insurance is something that everyone wants, but not everyone knows how to go about getting this result. The problem is that a number of individuals are simply unfamiliar with the different facets involved in car insurance. They do not realize that car insurance policies are made up of different components. This lack […]

Single Mom Auto Insurance: Is There Any Special Insurance Policy for You?

While there are many discounts available for married couples who have children, unfortunately those discounts are not always available for single mom auto insurance. But there are still ways for individuals with children to save money on insurance for unwed mothers. The most important way to go about trying to save money on car insurance […]

5 Reasons To Consider Child Life Insurance

Child life insurance may seem counterproductive, because it is usually parents who get insurance to provide benefits for their children. But child life insurance is useful for parents as a means of protecting them if their child happens to pass away. Losing a child is devastating, but having to go back to work within a […]

Auto Insurance Lawsuit: Should You Settle or Sue in Court?

While no one thinks they will end up in such a situation, there are cases where an auto insurance lawsuit becomes inevitable. Auto insurance lawsuits occur when the insurance company refuses to provide a certain level of compensation after an accident. There are many reasons why an auto insurance lawsuit may occur. For example, the […]

Life Insurance Gap: 5 Ways to Efficiently Close the Gap

While we can make every effort to remain diligent when it comes to life insurance, there are times when circumstances are not in our favor. There are instances where a life insurance gap may develop in regards to your coverage. A life insurance gap means that there is a period of time where you do […]

Auto Insurance Deductible: How Is This Amount of Money Determined

Whenever you are getting a new auto insurance policy, it is important to look at the fine print. It is important to understand the levels of comprehensive, collision and liability coverage you are getting, along with the policy’s deductible. The deductible in an auto insurance policy is the amount of money you will have to […]

Divorce Auto Insurance: 5 Things to Pay Attention to When Getting a Divorce

While there are many discounts available for couples who get married, these discounts do not carry over to your policies when you get a divorce. The process involved in divorce auto insurance really depends on how your policies were structured during the marriage. Couples who maintained separate policies during the marriage are not impacted too […]

Wedding Auto Insurance: 5 Advantages of Getting Insurance as a Married Couple

Getting married often comes with many financial advantages, and auto insurance is no exception to this rule. Wedding auto insurance is something that every married couple should consider, because it can save them a lot of money. In terms of auto insurance, being married provides couples with a number of discounts. Sometimes couples will decide […]

High Risk Auto Insurance: Finding Cheap Auto Insurance for High Risk Drivers

Unfortunately, some drivers end up in the high risk auto insurance category because of actions in their past. This may be the result of a DUI conviction, a felony conviction or an accumulation of driving tickets or accidents. Whatever the reason, it is important for high risk drivers to understand that the process for getting […]

Auto Insurance Liability Limits: How Are They Determined?

Auto insurance liability limits are an important part of any policy, no matter what price the customer is paying. In most states, even cheap auto insurance policies must have some form of liability coverage, which ensures drivers can take their cars on the road. Before getting a cheap auto insurance policy, customers must confirm with […]